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Friday, August 22, 2008

Violet in Private by Melissa Walker

Violet’s back! Violet Greenfield, the high school wall-paper-girl-turned-supermodel, is thinking about leaving the modeling world again so she can concentrate on college. She’s finally going to Vassar after deferring her admission, and once she gets there—she loves it! She’s enjoying herself in class and has some fantastic room and suite-mates, including the bold Fan and the outspoken Kurt.

Violet’s discomfort with the modeling world has only been increasing since her Mirabella campaign where the designer claims she wishes to promote a healthy body image, but told Violet to lose five pounds before the shoots. Unhappy with the hypocrisy, and remembering that she has already been getting some mixed press over her myspace blog posts and other comments, Violet resolves to leave the modeling world for good.

But the one thing Violet is forgetting is that she still has a contract with Tryst models. Can she somehow find some campaigns to do that won’t make her feel so hypocritical?

At least Violet lands an internship with Teen Fashionista, a fashion magazine that once did a profile on her! But it doesn’t help that her BFF Roger’s girlfriend, Chloe, works at Teen Fashionista as well. And speaking of Roger, Violet can’t help but think back to their Barcelona adventure…could it be that she likes Roger? It doesn’t seem that fate is being too kind to Violet. Why is Roger being so difficult? Why did Violet have to finally realize she was in love with Roger after he got himself a girlfriend?!

The modeling side certainly has its hypocrisies, lies, betrayals, and darker side, but can Violet somehow be true to herself and promote a healthier body image that’s real? Or will she become another too-thin model that will stop at nothing to come out on top? And can she figure things out with Roger, or will she have to watch him and Chloe from the sidelines? College life and her new found friends may just help Violet learn more about herself and stand up for her values!

I loved this latest installment in the Violet series! Melissa Walker’s writing is wonderful and enjoyable to read, as always! It’s nice to see that Violet has matured so much; we may all have our insecurities, but Violet is finally learning how to deal with hers and make the best of her fame to promote a better body image. Melissa Walker has really created some fantastic, 3-D, completely believable and realistic characters that make her Violet series such a pleasure to read! Ms. Walker captures the emotions, thoughts, and actions of her characters brilliantly, which makes her series so much more realistic and amazing! Violet in Private is a must-read for all Violet fans and I would definitely recommend the Violet series to readers who haven’t picked it up yet!


Rachael Stein said...

i think most of us can agree that VIP was fantastic :D

Booked Books said...

I haven't read the Violet series yet, but nice review. (=

Liv said...

I'm so looking forward to reading this book! I just finished Violet by Design last week and I'm trying to get my library to purchase a copy or two of VIP because I'm dying to get my hands on it. I might even resort to going to the bookstore and spending money on it. Which I rarely do with books because I read way too much. Nice review!

Melissa Walker said...

Thanks, Dominique. I'm so, so glad you liked the book!

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