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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why. Thirteen sides of cassette tapes. Thirteen sessions that will change Clay Jensen’s life.

When a box shows up on Clay’s doorstep, the last thing Clay was expecting was tapes. Tapes that contained Hannah Baker’s last words—her thirteen reasons why she committed suicide.

Hannah Baker was in Clay’s grade when one day, she took her own life. Now an ominous cloud hangs over Hannah’s vacant desk at school, but no one seems to know the full reason why she killed herself.

Rumors had swirled around Hannah Baker, but Clay did not think those stories about Hannah made sense—she seemed like a much nicer, sweeter girl than those rumors made her out to be. But despite liking her from afar, Clay did not get a chance to know Hannah very well. They shared a few moments together during a party, but Hannah was gone—completely gone—before Clay could really get to know her. Hannah died not long after that party, and if Clay wants to know why, all he has to do is hit play…

There’s no going back once he hits play, but Clay needs to know what happened to Hannah. What drove her to such extreme measures? And what was his part in it? He is one of Hannah’s thirteen reasons; what was his role? And who are the others that pushed her over the edge?

Thirteen Reasons Why is an unforgettable book. Powerful and well written, I could hardly put it down. Readers will really go on a journey with Clay to learn more about Hannah Baker, and the events that pushed her towards that fateful decision. Author Jay Asher really knows how to capture heart-wrenching emotions in this haunting tale!


Thao said...

I'm absolutely in love with this one. Jay did such a great job in his debut novel!

Kali. said...

This sounds like a good book! I got it for my friend for Christmas, but never really took interest in reading it myself until now.


Amy said...

this book was totally absorbing. it had a great, but sad ending too

Sadako said...

This book sounds awesome, will try to read.
Also freaky that I know someone with the name of the main char.

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