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Friday, August 7, 2009

Love, Lies and Texas Dips by Susan McBride

Love, Lies and Texas Dips by Susan McBride

Release Date: June 9, 2009
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Pages: 304

The Debs are back--and so is all the drama! The Three Amigas, Laura, Ginger, and Mac are finally in and on their way to become debs, or rosebuds, in the Glass Slipper Club! Unfortunately, so is Jo Lynn and her cronies. But as they say, the hardest thing isn't getting in--it's staying in. And with Jo Lynn plotting to get ride of Laura (who she deems as too fat to be a deb) and her friends, retaining their statuses as upcoming debs will be no easy task!

Laura does not make things easier when she provokes Jo Lynn by begging Jo's hot, football player boyfriend, Dillon, to whip her into shape. Why? 3 words: "The Texas Dip"--a dreaded mandatory curtsy that's so low, debs all but sink into the ground! But is that really the only reason? Laura can't help but mess with Jo Lynn's head a bit...

But never underestimate Jo Lynn's maliciousness or ability to brew up a storm--especially when she's angry! Laura definitely went one step too far when she started messing around with Jo's boyfriend! Now with Jo Lynn working harder than ever to get Laura kicked out of the club, the Three Amigas must watch their backs since one misstep may take away their deb status!

Too bad Laura's woes don't stop there! Her on-and-off boyfriend Avery has been sending out mixed signals. While he seems to want to be close to Laura, he's still with Jo Lynn's evil friend, Cam. Why can't Avery just give her a strait answer?!

Laura isn't the only one with problems though; Mac is beginning to realize that she may just have stronger feelings for her best guy friend, Alex. But with Alex hanging out with new girl Cindy Chow more and more, is Mac too late? All the deb business isn't helping Mac's stress level either. She finds the whole ordeal rather shallow, but is trying to honor her late mother's memory, as her mother was a deb herself. Mac re-reads her mother's letters to her more than ever, hoping for some strength and guidance through her boy and rosebud struggles.

The third member of the Three Amigas, Ginger, just wants her friends to quit the drama and stop stirring up trouble (even if it's unintentional!). The last thing she wants to do is go through the deb process alone! But with an evil scheming rosebud like Jo Lynn, trouble will not be taking a break any time soon! Speaking of trouble, just when Ginger thought she got rid of her boy troubles, a new guy pops into her life. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem much better than Jared, who used her not too long ago, for his own cause. The whole event was hardly favorable in the eyes of the deb committee, yet Ginger can't help but feel attracted to this new bad boy! Can Ginger keep her friends together and make better choices when it comes to guys?

I definitely enjoyed Love, Lies and Texas Dips as much as I did The Debs! Susan McBride's series still has me hooked! With a lot of questions to be answered, I am definitely looking forward to finding out what happens next in the upcoming third installment of The Debs series! Although all the drama can be fascinating sometimes, I'm glad I'm not the one caught up in it! Laura definitely goes much farther than I would (as does Jo Lynn, of course) and I wish she wouldn't feed the fire so much...but then again, if she didn't, we wouldn't have a story, would we? That said, it's still not too far fetched, which helps in the believabilty department. I like the different charater's personas, and they're all strong, believable characters, which makes this novel very enjoyable! Fans of The Debs will not be disappointed with it's sequel!

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