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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cave of Terror by Amber Dawn Bell

Cheyenne Wilde pretty much like any other teen; she attends school, has some good friends, and practices gymnastics. Oh, that and she’s a vampire. The surprising news was sprung on her the day of her sixteenth birthday, but that’s not all! Cheyenne also happens to be the first Vanator born into her clica (sort of like a vampire coven) in five hundred years. Being a Vanator means that she will hold immense powers in her hands, including the power to either destroy or strengthen the opposing, dark clica, the Liliacs.

But her new vampire and Vanator life is far from a dream life—terror and enemies lurk around every corner, and a creepy, sinister being is starting to spring in and out of Cheyenne’s life a little too often for her taste. Cheyenne wants to protect her friends from these malicious beings, but must also protect her friends from her deepest secret. Before long, all Cheyenne wants is to go back to her old life—the normal life she once had without crazy bats, the obligations of a Vanator, and without the shadow of danger looming over her.

She tries to be ‘normal’ and continues her gymnastics and eventual goes on a few dates with the new hottie in town; Ryan. But this happiness is not destined to last, as Constantine, the leader of the Liliacs, is closing in on Cheyenne and her loved ones. Can Cheyenne protect her friends without revealing her secret to them? Can she still be with Ryan, even though she’s a vampire? And why on earth is Constantine so appealing to Cheyenne? Shouldn’t she be completely repulsed by him?

However, when the unspoken conflict between Cheyenne’s clica and Constantine’s clica escalates, Cheyenne will have to embrace her full potential as a Vanator, or those close to her may be the ones to suffer.

Cave of Terror was, overall, a good read. Cheyenne’s voice really comes through and the characters in general were well developed. However, Cheyenne’s repeated use of “that’s so gay” (and similar phrases with the use “gay”) bothered me. It is an offense phrase that I do not support. Other than that, Cave of Terror is an enjoyable novel for anyone looking for an adventure with a taste of romance!


Diana Dang said...

Hm, I don't think this is something that I will enjoy so much. The vampirism is getting to me nowadays, lol. I wish the cover is prettier though...

Lenore Appelhans said...

I bet vampires are good at gymnastics - am I right?

Sofierilla said...

have you folks seen this yet? Wow, he just lets go...

Anonymous said...
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