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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Release Date: September 1, 2010
Publisher: St Martin's Griffin
Pages: 320

"I release you...
I release you, Lenah Beaudonte.
Believe...and be free."

For the first time in 592 years, Lenah could breathe, feel, and be human again. After centuries of being a vampire, Lenah had almost completely lost her humanity--she was constantly lusting for blood to ease the constant pain and inability to truly feel. But when her first love, Rhode, sacrifices himself so Lenah can be human again after her 100 year hibernation, Lenah must adjust to the 21st century and adjust to the fact that the coven she created to protect her is her enemy now. They have no idea that she is human again and with her betrayal, they will track her down for revenge.

For the time being, Lenah doesn't have to worry; it would seem that Rhode did a good job hiding her. She is tucked away at a boarding school, Wickham, and quickly befriends a fellow student, Tony. Weeks go by without incident and not a word from her coven.

As school starts, Lenah draws attention from plenty of the students with some of the glamor she still retains from her existence as a vampire, but one boy in particular catches her attention: Justin. Handsome and daring, Justin is the first human Lenah falls for, but Justin already has a girlfriend. But girlfriend or no, there is an undeniable attraction between Justin and Lenah. And soon one thing becomes clear to Lenah--she may be struggling to break the bonds of her vampire past, but there is only one thing she really wants: Justin.

Weeks pass and even as Lenah grows closer to Justin, she knows that time is running out before her past catches up to her. The question is, what will happen when it does?

Infinite Days was amazing!! I liked how Rebecca Maizel integrated stories of Lenah's past with the main plot! I enjoyed learning more about Lenah's vampire years through those short stories as well as watching how she tried to adjust to how society had changed during her 100 year slumber. Lenah definitely went through an interesting transformation! She was a powerful vampire that killed on a whim before she was changed back into human form. Once she was back in human form, she seemed so much more innocent since she was quite clueless to a lot of the cultural changes that had taken place! I'm glad Rebecca contrasted Lenah's new and old life throughout the book; made it very interesting in my opinion.

Infinite Days is a very enjoyable read that puts a bit of a different spin on vampires. I was afraid I was starting to burn out a bit with all these vampire novels that had been coming out lately, but the different perspectives on vampires in Infinite Days makes this novel stick out among all the others that feature fanged creatures! It's well written, interesting, and it hooked me in from page one! I am eagerly anticipating Rebecca's next novel!

Overall: 5 out of 5
Plot: 4 stars
Characters: 5 stars
Writing: 5 stars
Cover: 4.5 stars (the simple cover works nicely...and did I mention it's shiny?!)


Amber said...

Thanks for the review! I've been hearing really good things about this novel. I'm definitely planning on checking it out!

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

Loved this one. Great review

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