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Friday, June 20, 2008

I Was a Teenage Popsicle by Bev Katz Rosenbaum

Imagine being vitrified for ten years, then coming back. What would the world be like? Would everyone you knew be there too?

Floe was one of the many teens affected by the incurable lympaticotosis. Or at least, incurable until now, ten years later. But no one knew how long it would take to find the cure, so Floe’s parents decided to have her vitrified, or frozen, until a cure could be found and she could be brought back. Unlike most of the teenage population affected by lympaticotosis, Floe was one of the only ones who was vitrified. So ten years later, a cure has been found and administered to Floe, so she can be thawed out and sent out on her merry way—easier said than done.

Ten years later, things have changed. Inline skates? What, those old things? It’s all about hoverblades now! Jeans and a snug fit t-shirt? Vintage! Welcome to Star-Trek-like unitards era now! Things have changed, and what’s weirdest is that her formerly younger sister, Sunny, is not the younger sibling any more. Floe’s parents were also vitified for other reasons, but Sunny never was, so she has grown up like normal, but is older than Floe now! So Floe has to move into Sunny’s house, along with her unemployed husband and child, Jake, where she will attend Cactus Hill Secondary School with Sunny as her legal guardian. Can it get any more awkward? Floe doesn’t even get to attend the school she grew up at—Venice Beach Alternative! Speaking of Venice Beach, are her friends all grown up now?!

Life is proving much more difficult that Floe had imagined—there’s so much to get used to, and her classmates are starting to think she’s a freak because she’s not up to date on the new technology and still likes things of the past. There is one perk, however, Taz, the boy Floe had a huge crush on back when they were still in Venice Beach was vitrified also! The two take their first steps back into the living world together, but the doctor warns Floe not to lean on him, since it won’t last—Taz’ll be going back to Venice Beach, and Floe to Cactus Hill. But how can she not lean on Taz? He’s the guy she was crushing on before she was vitrified, and he’s still as hot as ever!

Hot guys aside, Floe’s life is made even more difficult when she learns that a couple is suing her vitrification doctor’s clinic, because they do not believe that vitrification works, and believes that it was a scam that cost their mother/mother-in-law a lot of money and her life. Little do they know, their mother/mother-in-law is actually sitting in a vat of chemicals, still vitrified and awaiting a cure to her own disease. But the doctor had asked Taz and Floe not to tell anyone about their vitrification, since the doctor does not wish to go public yet—but if they aren’t going public, how on earth will Floe get her parents back? They’re still waiting to be thawed out, and if the lawsuit is successful for the couple, then Floe may never get her parents back? What’s a girl who’s still trying to get used to of a new age supposed to do? She’s not close to her sister (awkward!) nor does she many new friends because of her out-of-date weirdness!

I Was A Teenage Popsicle was a sweet, (sorry, bad pun!) quick read! A fresh twist spin on the whole "chronically preserved" topic! Floe and her companions were fresh, quick-thinking, and a great bunch. Being frozen and thawed out ten years later and trying to get used to it is no easy task—especially for teenagers, who can have so many trends and fads! Floe’s coming-of-age adventure of trying to fit into the new society, come to terms with what happens, find a way to save the clinic, and possibly find first love was a great read! I Was A Teenage Popsicle may have tied up its loose ends a little too neatly, but it would definitely make for a cool summer read!

9.700 (out of 10)


The Compulsive Reader said...

Oh my goodness, this sounds hysterical. I must get it!

Liv said...

I'm reading this really soon and am super excited about it. It looks like a cute book! Great review!

Lenore Appelhans said...

How bizzare! So totally my kind of book.I love the gymnastics ratings - I think you should keep them.

Meredith said...

I, too, LOVED this book. The sequel, Beyond Cool was just as good, in my opinion. The day I got them, I finished them; I just couldn't put them down!

Enna Isilee said...

That sounds so cool! Though I doubt my library has it (it is out, right?).

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