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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Far World: Water Keep By J. Scott Savage

All his life, Marcus has been an orphan and an outcast because of his unexplained injuries which leave him confined to a wheelchair. Not to mention the weird symbol on Marcus’ arm. What does it symbolize? Why is it there? Despite these injuries and the inexplicable mark, Marcus has been able to fend for himself, and even seems to possess some kind of unexplained gift. For some reason, Marcus is able to slip by, undetected, if he concentrates enough. It’s quite handy when he’s trying to escape bullies, but how long can his deception hold up?

When things get really bad, Marcus likes to escape to a place he’s created—Far World. Things are much more peaceful there and more welcoming, until one day when a man whom had disturbed Marcus’ Far World with his sinister aura and piercing eyes shows up on Earth at the school Marcus is attending, and tells Marcus that he is there to take Marcus back to his parents. Torn between the wish to find his parents and the dark feeling that the man could be evil, Marcus is hardly given a choice as he is shoved along by the principle who is all to happy to get rid of Marcus.

In Earth’s sister world, a girl also lives with an ailment that makes her an outcast in her world. Kyja lives in a world where everyone can do magic—everyone but her. Oh sure, it’s handy sometimes when nasty spells and potions don’t work on her, but she’s longed to do magic since the others think she has some kind of disease that prevents her from performing magic. And it doesn’t help that, like Marcus, she is an orphan. She is under the tutelage of Master Therapass who believes that she must have some ounce of magic in her. But try as they might, she has yet to produce magic.

Marcus tires to evade the eerie man who claims he will take him to Marcus’ parents, but his little trick does not work and the man takes him captive. Deprived of his wheelchair, Marcus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the man laughs in triumph, telling Marcus that he has found him at last and will finally destroy him. And with that, the man begins to morph into a snake-like creature, completely bent on destroying Marcus.

Somehow, Marcus is saved by Kyja, who pulls him into Far World. Marcus is astounded that Far World exists, and quickly connects to Kyja, who is like him in many ways. However, they do not have time to dwell on the joy of new found friendship since Master Therapass tells them they must flee the city for the Dark Circle who wish to overtake Far World wants to find and get rid of the two of them.

The pair flee and meet up with the wizard again, and the trio tries to figure out the how Kyja got Marcus to Far World as well as how they can stop the Dark Circle. Marcus and Kyja learn that they are connected several astounding ways, and they could be the ones destined to save Far World. But can two teenagers really save the fate of a whole world? Will the dark forces prove to be too much for them? They learn that an elusive group of elementals, the Fontasians, may hold some answers and could provide some invaluable help—if they can even find this hidden group and persuade them to aid them. Kyja and Marcus are well aware that this will be only a small step in their quest, and many hardships are to come, but they are determined to help Far World. But the question is, strong determination or not, will these two be able to do enough to stop such determined and powerful foes?

Join Marcus, Kyja, and Riph Raph (Kyja’s rather annoying talking skyte) on an adventure that’ll keep you hooked from beginning to end as they set out on an arduous journey in an attempt to find more information about their heritage and save Earth’s sister world from falling to the Dark Circle!
I found Far World: Water Keep to be an extremely exciting and enjoyable read! I loved the characters and their bravery and cleverness! All readers looking for an excellent start to a promising adventure should definitely read this book when it hits bookstores in September! I’m glad I got the chance to read Far World and eagerly anticipate its sequels!

P.S. Don’t you just love the cover? I know I do!
Oh and keep your eyes out for a giveaway for a signed ARC of Farworld & an interview with the author, J. Scott Savage very soon!

9.800 (out of 10)


Kyle said...

I cannot wait to read this book. And yeah the cover is awesome!

The Whirlwinds said...

I am so psyched to read this, especially now that I've read your review. I'm expecting great things *crosses fingers*.

+ the cover pwns

DesLily said...

I read this and agree.. this is a good book and a great beginning for more to come!!

Carolina said...

Hey you won the contest. Head over to my blog for more details.

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