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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Far World: Water Keep ARC giveaway

Thanks to the generous J. Scott Savage, I have an extra ARC of Far World: Water Keep to give away! Best of all, the ARC will be signed to you!! Read my review for Far World here, and keep your eyes out for an interview with the author himself!

To enter for a copy of this fantastic book, all you have to do is comment to this post with your:

- Name
- E-mail
- and the one place you'd like to visit the most, be it Narnia, Hogwarts, Spain, or Beijing--any place, real or not! Just let me know this desired spot and why you'd like to go there and you'll be entered for a chance to win a copy of the first book in the Far World series!

And if you post about this contest, just let me know and I'll give you 2 extra entries!

Please enter by midnight (EST) July 19th!


Anonymous said...


The one place I would like to be...home. I'm a bit homesick right now so I would want to be home with my mommy and my little puppy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I posted about this contest on my blog.

Betsy said...


I would love to visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I use to draw plans and try to get my parents to go to Builders Square (pre-Home Depot) so I could get supplies because I was 100% convinced I could at least build the room with the chocolate water fall and all the candy in it. So I would like to go there for a day to live out my dream.

Ann said...


I would like to visit Hogwarts. I have enjoyed imagining the great dining room, moving staircases, and maybe even getting to see a Quidditch game.

Debbie said...

The one real place I'd like to visit is Alaska. Soon - before it melts. Fictionally speaking, I'd love to pop into Narnia.

Anonymous said...


Right now i'm up at my camp and i've been down at the beach and in the sun for the past few days. So i'd like to be at a nice cosy cabin with snow outside, a warm fire going, snuggling up in a perfect chair with a good book (right now i'm in the middle of The Book Thief and it's amazing!)

I posted about this contest here.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, exciting. The book sounds fun.


And if I could visit a real place, I'd want to go to England because it just seems like a cool place to visit. i've wanted to go for a long time. i'd love to find more british reading them!
hmm...also, i hear it's rainy a lot, and i'm not big on the sun. LOL

if i could visit a fake place...Hogwarts for sure! :)


Josette said...

I'd like to visit Hay-on-Wye in Wales! A book lover's paradise. :)

I will linked up to this post on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl Free

I'd love to visit Taipei, Taiwan :) I was born there and haven't ever seen my birthplace *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Carolina said...


I would love to visit France.I'll be able to practice my horrible French and I'll get to eat all the croissants I want.Plus I can also visit the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

I posted about this contest here:

Cyndi said...


I would love to visit the Kingdom of Bamarre from the book The Two Princesses of Bamarre. I just think that a place full of wizards and dragons and all that medieval stuff would be so cool. :D

Rachael Stein said...


i'd love to visit Antarctica to play with the penguins. but not the leopard seals :( those are yucky

i added your contest to my contest list. i dont know if it counts...

cl said...

I'd like to visit New Zealand. I've been there once and it was beautiful, but there were some parts of it I didn't get to explore.

Booked Books said...

I'd love to visit Greece because I always enjoy reading Greek mythology. It would be so awesome to see the Parthenon for real; it also sounds like a beautiful place to be.


(also blogged about the contest here:

Anonymous said...

Great contest and question!
I'd love to visit Greece, It looks so beautiful in the movies I have seen based there:) esp from The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants movie.

Anonymous said...


Venice. I'd love to go there and ride a gondola, look at the architecture, taste the cuisine, etc. Plus, my husbands family comes from there. It would be a dream come true.

Liviania said...

inbedwithbooks AT yahoo DOT com

I want to go to Japan most! Tokyo might be fun, but I'd also enjoy something a little less urban but still popular like Okinawa.

Melissa Walker said...

I'd love to visit Marfa, TX. Weird, right? It's this kooky art town in the middle of nowhere, and I am so psyched to go.

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