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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Debs by Susan McBride

Three BFFs, Laura Bell, Michelle “Mac” Mackenzie, and Ginger Fore live in Houston, TX, and with senior year of High School coming up, so is debutante season! These three girls live it up with their wealthy parents and can hardly wait for the elite invitations to debut into the exclusive Glass Slipper Club. If they’re invited, they’ll be “Rosebuds” until they official debut. All the Rosebuds will gather functions to get to know each other and prepare for their big debut where their fathers will present them and they’ll wear gorgeous white gowns and have escorts!

But the three ladies aren’t the only ones waiting for the special invitation—the Queen of Mean, Jo Lynn Bidwill, is also expecting and invitation. Expecting, because her mother is head of the selection committee. Jo Lynn and her two witless cronies want to be part of this long-standing tradition and all the glory that comes with it, and they’re willing to play dirty to put the others out of contention.

Laura Bell is a size fourteen, but she’s not too bothered with it—I mean, why would she be? She’s still snagging hot boys! Mac is the boyish one out of the three, but will probably follow her mother’s footsteps and wishes and debut, if she gets an invitation. Her father’s new trophy wife (as Mac refers to her as) whom he married because Mac’s mother died, is extremely enthusiastic and wants to, much to Mac’s horror, beautify Mac to perfection for her debut. Ginger hopes to don her grandmother’s gown for her debut and continue the legacy but for any of these three amigas to achieve any of this, they must first keep a clean slate and receive one of those coveted hand delivered invitations.

Jo Lynn Bidwill is a nasty piece of work. She throws booze-filled bashes and is all too happy to spread rumors and ruin anyone that poses a threat to her. She detests Laura Bell and her not-size-two body—and the fact that her ex-boyfriend got together with Laura. This sinister witch wants Laura out of the running and will sink to new lows to kick her out. But this former pageant queen may have a more tainted and smudged past than anyone would have known—will that past come back to haunt her? And why does her hot boyfriend keep running out on her?

The girls have it all, from the money, the fabulous cars, and the mansions to the boy issues, cat fights, and drama. Laura Bell can hardly stay away from Avery, her and Jo Lynn’s ex-boyfriend, even though her friends think she deserves better. Mac has her neighbor Alex who just came back from studying in Germany for the summer—who is quite a hottie—but is not her boyfriend, but she’s definitely developing some feelings towards him. And Ginger has Javier, the hot boy she met on a trip for Habitat to Louisiana and who is now painting a mural for her parents. Jo Lynn may have a new boyfriend, but she doesn’t want a size fourteen girl all over her ex! As debutante season is fast approaching, you can bet that sparks will fly! Jo Lynn is out to get Laura, but the three amigas are fighting back! The road to debuting may be a bit more hazardous and drama-filled than they expect!

Watch out—you’ll be in for one hot and heated end-of-the-summer and Deb season in Susan McBride’s The Debs! Some will go to any length to get rid of the debu-trash while others will do anything to make sure they’re on that debutante list! This is only the start of the adventures for these four wealthy girls and it’ll leave you craving for more!

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