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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yes, I did go to BEA. I know a few people I saw at the Teen Author Carnival knew that despite the slight fact was already Thursday, I still wasn't sure if I'd be able to go to BEA. But luckily, I did end up going. I only went on Saturday, but I somehow managed to get a million books! To put it all simply, it was amazing, overwhelming, and just fantastic! I got to meet so many fellow book lovers, reviewers/bloggers, publicists, authors, and plenty of great people!

I saw Lenore, Korianne, Sharon, Mitali and a whole bunch of other people from TAC again! I also meet Steph (a.k.a Reviewer X!!) and some other great bloggers, not to mention even more authors!!! :D

(Maureen Johnson signing Suite Scarlett)

The Javits Center is HUGE and it was packed with so many exhibits and people! Some of the lines for signings just got crazy; the line for Sarah Dessen's signing of Along for the Ride was so long it snaked around a column! Kate DiCamillo also had incredibly long lines; I had to wait 20 minutes to get a signed copy of The Tale of Despereaux and that line just shot across the exhibition floor! Ms. DiCamillo's hand must have been really sore after BEA--she actually had several signings, and 2 of them were back-to-back on Saturday morning!

(Sarah Dessen--she signed her new book Along for the Ride)

I did manage to snag a copy of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (though I didn't make it to her signing, but still, I can't complain!) so look for a review of that soon! :D I'm also really excited about Shiver, Along for the Ride, Another Faust, and well...a whole bunch of these books!! All these wonderful books will keep my busy for a while, and now that the majority of my crazy exams are over, hopefully I'll be able to get more reviews & posts up!

Here are the books I got from BEA + a swim cap for Swim the Fly by Don Calame, which is pretty cool (+ fits in nicely with the book!) and something I can make use of since I was a varsity swimmer :)

I'll admit my shoulders are still rather sore...but all these terrific books were worth it! :)


Bookworm said...

You got Along for the Ride...and Shiver! And a signed Despereaux! OMG I am so jealous!

Thao said...

Wee, look at the pile. I so want to steal your books haha. Love that picture of SD, she seems really excited ;)

Jenna said...

Okay, I spot Geektastic. I am beyond jealous right now!

Steph said...

So nice meeting you, D! :)


MySharonAnne said...

oh how did I miss Secret Society? Nice haul! I didn't make it to the Sarah Dessen signing. blah. Is that the finished Geektastic?

Anyhoo it was so nice to meet you. I'm glad that you were able to come to the bea after all. :D

Emily said...

I'm. SO. Jealous.

Lucky! I would loveee to meet Kate DiCamillo or Sarah Dessen. And Catching Fire!?! You are one blessed blogger my friend (:

Dominique said...

hey! thanks to everyone for commenting! :)
I'm really grateful for all the great books I got from BEA, but some of them had me standing in line for half of forever till I could get a copy! Still, no complaints from me! Hopefully I'll have lots of reviews up soon! :D

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