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Monday, August 16, 2010

Ask me a question...

Since most of my weekly memes are book-related, I decided to do one that's not! I wanted to start a new weekly post just for fun and hopefully this one will help you get to know me a bit better beyond the books that I like!

So every week, I'll try to answer 1 user submitted question. If you're interested in something, even if it's just simple like "What's your favorite color?" (blue!), just submit it and I'll pick one or two to answer each week!

For this week, author Linda Gerber posed the question "Do you believe in fate/destiny? Why or why not?" on her blog.

I believe in fate/destiny to a certain extent. I think our actions and decisions can change the course of the future in an instant and even subtle changes can have great effects on our futures. I think fate tries to influence your decision from time to time, but in the end, it's still you that has to make that final decision.

For instance, my decision to do varsity fencing instead of varsity winter track in my first few years of high school has had many effects on me, even years later. True, I got my first sports-related injury and was in physical therapy for a few months, but I also met amazing people that have become my closest friends today. But two big factors that made me chose fencing over winter track was that I liked running spring track better...and it was drizzling on the first day of winter track practice. I didn't mind a bit of drizzling, but did I want to try something new, or did I want to run in the rain? Yes, fate had a hand in it, but it was my decision that sealed the deal. I think your decisions and fate work hand-in-hand sometimes to change the course of your future.

Feel free to comment with your own answer to the question--do you believe in fate/destiny? I'm interested in what everyone else has to say!

Want to ask me a question? Just send it to me here! Thank you!

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