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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Raven by Allison van Diepen

Everyone is more than they appear on the outside, and everyone has their own secrets. Beneath her cool exterior, Nicole harbors some family troubles, but she can forget all that when she break dances with her friends.

Ever since she stepped into Evermore, the home bar of the Toprocks (the local breaking team) Nicole has been drawn to the break dancing scene—and to Zin. Zin, the mysterious dancer whom Nicole has felt an undeniable connection to since day one. But Zin has his own secrets, and is careful not to let Nicole get too close.

Her work at Evermore aside, things couldn’t possibly get worse at home for Nicole. Her brother has become a drug addict and keeps asking his parents for more and more money—money that Nicole’s parents are quick to hand over, believing that they are actually helping him, even though they know he’ll spend it on more drugs. As he becomes less and less like the brother she once knew, Nicole is afraid she soon might lose him forever.

As Nicole gets more and more involved in the breaking scene and with Evermore, she finds that Zin is not the only one with secrets. It seems that all the other staff members of Evermore have a secret past and an even darker secret. But does dark necessarily mean evil? Zin and the others at Evermore are friendly to Nicole; what horrific secret could they possibly harbor? And why does Evermore owner Carlos, keep calling her Raven?

But with danger brewing on the horizon, the careful walls Zin and the others have been keeping up might just begin to crumble…

Ms. Van Diepen really knows how to craft a story! The tension and passion between Nicole and Zin was amazing—believable and sustained through the whole book! The break dancing terminology throughout the book may be confusing for non-breakers, but I thought the terms added a cool effect. Although I thought the end wrapped things up a little too nicely, the rest of the book well-written. Ms. Van Diepen captures emotions wonderfully and paints vivid pictures of the various scenes and situations!


Diana Dang said...

Seriously? This book is about breakdancing? I thought it was a full head-on paranormal type of book! But thanks for the review!

Dominique said...

It's not just about break dancing, but it definitely has a part in this book; it's a connection between some of the characters (well, it brought some of them together), but it's not the only thing this book is about :) let me know what you think if you read it! :)

Insert Book Title said...

I liked this one too.

ouchieee. said...
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ouchieee. said...
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