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Monday, September 29, 2008

Sleepless by Terri Clark

Ever since she foresaw her friend’s murder and alerted the police, Trinity has been dubbed the “Dream Girl.” Although the police had arrived too late to save her friend, they apprehended the murder. Although Rafe was caught, Trinity can hardly rest easy—Rafe was deemed mentally insane, and thus, could not be thrown into jail. Instead, he was put into a mental institution instead. But Trinity knows that Rafe was not ‘mentally insane’, a psychopathic murderer, perhaps, but not insane. But with the help of a slimy lawyer who would do anything for money, Rafe got away with just going to a mental hospital. Things don’t get any better when the lawyer who got Rafe out of a prison sentence’s son, Dan, shows up at Trinity’s front door. He says he wishes to apologize, and promises to help her if she ever needed it. Even after hearing him out, Trinity still finds him hard to believe, despite the fact he vehemently claims that he is against what his father does.

Trinity tries to live as normal a life as she can, but it’s hardly easy when she has disturbing dreams that often foretell something. She’s been purposefully aloof for her whole life, not getting close to anyone because of her fear of being rejected as a crazy girl with weird dreams. However, her best friend, Coral, wants her to open up and live a little. Go out for some fun and parties, have a boyfriend, and enjoy the summer. But Trinity is too used to her seclusion, and hardly wants to venture out.

But that is all about to change…

When Trinity suddenly gets dreams about Rafe plotting his next murder, she freaks out—because Rafe is after her now. With her mother away on a trip and Coral away at soccer camp, Trinity impulsively calls Dan and asks him for help. The two flee Trinity’s home to a motel, trying to figure out their next step. Trinity’s fears are confirmed when they find out that Rafe has escaped from the insane asylum. After some thought, Trinity and Dan start digging around for some leads, hoping to find Rafe before he finds Trinity and kills her. But it’s all easier said than done, especially since Trinity is not the only one who can dream walk.

Rafe also possesses dream walking abilities, and appears multiple times in Trinity’s dreams, apparently drawing power from his pain as he cuts himself. He tries to reach Trinity physically in her dreams, but Trinity narrowly evades capture. Having shunned her abilities all her life, Trinity hardly knows the extent of her powers. As Dan and Trinity try to learn more, Trinity tries to say awake so Rafe cannot harm her while she is sleeping. But with time running low, and Rafe’s powers seemingly manifesting, Trinity may not have much longer to live if they cannot find a way out of this psychopath’s murderous path!

I liked how Trinity grew and matured as a character, trying to get over her guilt of not being able to help her friend and believing all her life she was a ‘freak’. I don’t want to give too much away, but the quote from Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility,” comes to mind when I think of Trinity’s ability, which could go real far if only she would embrace it and not shy away from it! Though it would be understandable for any teen to want to shun an unusual and unnerving ability like Trinity’s and want to be like a normal teenager!

Sleepless was a well written, suspenseful story that’ll keep readers hooked from page one! With a thrilling plot and a nice touch of romance, Sleepless will keep readers up late to finish this action-packed novel. Trinity’s fear was especially well expressed and believable, helping take readers on an exciting ride throughout the whole book! I really enjoyed reading this novel and will really look forward to Terri Clark’s future novels! Fans of Wake by Lisa McMann will love Sleepless!

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